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Atlas & Ellie
 Baby Boutique & Eco-Friendly Paperless products

My Story...
I am a creator at heart, I just can't help but make things by hand! I grew up creating artwork with my grandfather and learned sewing from my mother. I went to college in New York and came home with a love for patterns, sewing, screen printing and a need to keep me busy. 
When I became a mommy my first born spent his first 5 months in the NICU. There were scary moments and priceless ones. The entire experience taught me a lot about myself and what kind of mom I am and how strong a baby can be when all they know is to survive.
As my son grew we learned a lot about sensory play and how important it is. Sensory play and brain development go hand in hand. Sensory play supports early childhood development such as language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem-solving skills, and social interaction.When I realized how Important sensory play was I couldn't help but put together fun toys that look adorable but also very helpful.
My Eco-Collection definitely stems from my children as well. Keeping surfaces clean on a daily bases took a lot of paper products and I hate to see them wasted when we can use something more sustainable.I love being able to help customers reduce their paper waste and save money with reusable alternatives.Not to mention the fun fabric to style anyones kitchen and look smart!
So I am happy to introduce Atlas & Ellie.